Turn your Porsche 996 into a classical 911 model!

With the exception of the 996, all 911s have oval headlights. This design change did not go down well with everyone. With our foryourlightsonly®Sequipment-Box you give your Porsche back the unmistakability of the 911!

The foryourlightsonly®Sequipment-Box

Our Porsche foryourlightsonly ® Sequipment box sets new design standards to the 996 model. By means of our  product you will be able to change the appearance of your Porsche and go back to the classical look of the 911 model.

Additional safety is guaranteed by the included daytime running lights.

The fog lights and the direction indicators are completely covered so that only the dipped headlights are visible. Just like in previous models, and their predecessors. The understated revival of the Classical 911 look will inspire you!

The outstanding quality

The headlight eyebrow is characterized by an extremely high degree of accuracy. Our product was designed and developed in Germany by means of the latest 3D laser procedures. It is made of high quality ABS plastic and can be painted conventionally. The strength of the material was selected in such a way that it remains exactly uniformly, i.e. there is no need for reworking.

On vehicles with Xenon lights the function of the headlamp wipe system remains unaltered.

The headlight cover design is registered within Europe. The system for the pre-facelift models and the Boxster is already in progress



Everything for the successful reconstruction of your Porsche is included in the foryourlightsonly® Sequipment box! It comprises:


› headlight eyebrows

› daytime running lights with parking lights and direction indicator function

› high-quality adhesive

Daytime running lights, headlight eyebrows are in compliance with road traffic regulations. Also an expert opinion is included. A registration is not required. 




The self-assembly takes about 2-3 hours. But of course, any garage will be able to carry out the installation. A comprehensive, coherent and illustrated instruction booklet will be supplied with your foryourlightsonly®Sequipment box. 

Please contact us if you require assistance or advice.